North Port Hints

6 copies of The Book Thief are waiting for you in North Port. Here are hints of where to find one.

  1. You can study to take the GED here, in the same location as the City of North Port Social Services.
  2. It was dropped at one of the two libraries at the largest mobile home park in North Port.
  3. You can play basketball, take a Zumba class, work out in the weight room, and much more at this location; the abbreviation for the name of this center is the GMAC.
  4. There are some sofas & coffee tables near where you can pay your city taxes or renew your driver’s license, and The Book Thief may still be sitting on one of those tables.
  5. If you have a medical emergency, North Port now has a place to go; the location of the street this center is on rhymes with Tomato Trade.
  6. There is one copy circulating somewhere at NPHS.  Start looking for it in the most logical place.
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