Sway the Vote — “Cloud Atlas”

Barb McDonald wrote you this letter in support of “Cloud Atlas”:

Dear Community,

Please vote for “Cloud Atlas”!

What do you think of the structure of this book? Let’s discuss it.

Are you impressed by the many different dialects and antiquated vocabulary the author uses in the stories? Let’s talk.

Do you like the murder mystery story? Is Timothy Cavendish’s ordeal so ghastly? Do you perceive a future with someone like Somni-451? Could there have been an alternative ending for Robert Frobisher? Should the character Sixsmith have been more developed? Is Adam Ewing an innocent victim? Let’s have some conversations.

There is so much to discuss about this book. I beseech you to vote for “Cloud Atlas.” [Editor’s note: Vote online or in-person. Details here.]

Sway the vote!

Barb McDonald, One Book Coordinator

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