Sway the Vote — “The Snow Child”

Kathy Hickey, librarian at the Jacaranda Library, and Janis Russell, librarian at the North Port Library, think The Snow Child should be the next One Book. It’s their turn to “Sway the Vote.”

From Kathy:

This debut novel by former newspaper reporter Eowyn Ivey is based on a Russian fairytale but set in her nativeAlaska.  On the surface, the story is the tale of a childless couple who has relocated from the East in an effort to reconnect and reinvent.  In the telling, the reader experiences the truthful, harsh reality of  the 1918 Alaskan wilderness along with the haunting fantasy of a young blonde child seen roaming the woods with a red fox.   It is the story of Jack and Mabel’s struggle with life in the Alaskan frontier but also of the human struggle with inner conflict and demons and told as lyrically, delicately, and individually as the snowflakes that Ivey describes.

This exquisite tale of isolation and hope will touch the middle of your heart as well as sharpen your appreciation for a tale beautifully written and ethereal.   It is a magical, delicate novel.  Grab a copy, read it and savor it for time to come. 

From Janis:

I didn’t expect to enjoy Snow Child, as I don’t like fables or stories about the occult or the magical.  But I was enchanted by this book because of the vivid descriptions of the landscape and the relationships between the men & women.  It’s one of the best depictions I’ve ever read of how a loving couple can be more lonely in a marriage than outside of it.

 What do you think? Is The Snow Child the perfect next One Book?

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