Women of Ravensbrück

The exhibit Women of Ravensbrück is now showing at the Florida Holocaust Museum.

The exhibit consists of seventeen panels on the history and background of the camp, an “Artist’s Corner” with information about Julia Terwilliger and an installation of “artifacts” conceived by the artist, seven large multiple portrait mixed media panels by the artist, four artifacts from Ravensbrück, fourteen photographs of heroines of the camp, and a memorial structure created by the artist. The panels, artifacts, “artifacts” and related materials were presented as a gift of Bert Alan Terwilliger to the Florida Holocaust Museum in 1999, and the history panels were created by curator Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel and executed by exhibit designer Bob Davidson, under the supervision of Museum Director Stephen Goldman.

"Scene of Camp Life." Drawing by Ravensbrück prisoner Maria Hiszpanska. Ravensbrücker Zeichnungen. © (MGR/SBG). (Original in archive of (MGR/SBG).

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